Trauma Therapy

After a traumatic experience (such as traffic accident, sexual abuse, war experience, neglect or other) most people suffer from uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and sentiments. They fear further danger, they reexperience the situation over and over in their mind, are much more nervous or freeze. They try to avoid the memory of the experience, feel detached from their environment. They have trouble concentrating, maybe feel ashamed or guilty. Usually these symptoms taper off after a while. Sometimes it happens though that symptoms persist and a trauma sequelea disorder develops. This may result in a depression or anxiety disorder or a post traumatic stress disorder.


In trauma therapy, which combines different psychotherapeutic approaches, the self healing capabilities of the patient are activated to overcome the trauma. Patients are stabilized by various techniques to be able to cope with daily life and not be overwhelmed by their trauma. The goal of treatment is to process the traumatic experience so it can become a (even very bad) normal experience among others in life. When a sufficient stability has been reached and if the patient wants to he or she can confront him/herself with the traumatic experience itself. A more thorough confrontation with the trauma and its consequences helps to overcome the trauma correlated symptoms. For this confrontation there are also various techniques and methods available.