About me



For many years I have had my practice for psychotherapy in Gross Flottbek. I am a licensed psychological psycho-therapist and am accredited by the Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung Hamburg to do behavior therapy with adults. For you that means that if you have private or public medical insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) the insurance will cover the costs if psychotherapy is necessary. 

Clinical Training and Qualifications

1992: University degree in psychology (Diplom-Psychologin)

1992-1996: Working at University Psychiatric Clinics in Goettingen and Kiel

1993: Training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy

1993-2000: Training and Degree  in Behavior Therapy (IWVT Marburg, IVAH Hamburg)

1996: Degree as Somnologist of the German Association of Sleep Disorders and Sleep Medicine

Since 1996: Lecturer at the Institute for Psychotherapy Braunschweig-Goettingen

1997: Doctoral degree, thesis on Psychotherapy with Patients with Sleep Disorders

1997: Opening of my Practice for Behavior Therapy at Hamburg-Groß Flottbek

1999: License (Approbation) and accreditation (Zulassung) as psychological psychotherapist

2015: Training in Trauma Therapy (Institute für Traumatherapie Berlin), licensed in 2017