Clinical Training and Qualifications


1992: University degree in psychology (Diplom-Psychologin)


1992-1996: Working at University Psychiatric Clinics in Göttingen and Kiel


1993: Training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy


1993-2000: Training in Behavior Therapy (IWVT Marburg, IVAH Hamburg)


1996: Degree as Somnologist of the German Association of Sleep Disorders and Sleep Medicine


Since 1996: Lecturer at the Institute for Psychotherapie Braunschweig-Göttingen


1997: Doctoral degree, thesis on Psychotherapy with Patients with Sleep Disorders


1997: Opening of my Practice for Behavior Therapy at Hamburg-Groß Flottbek


1999: License (Approbation) and accreditation (Zulassung) as psychological psychotherapist


2015: Training in Trauma Therapy (Institute für Traumatherapie Berlin), licensed in 2017